I can tell you, without a doubt, that I would not be walking, if it weren't for Dr. Kim and Dr. Yong. I have been seeing Dr. Yong, as Dr. Kim had previously been on maternity leave. Very professional and friendly .. immaculate office and I am lulled to sleep at the end of the session. Dr. Yong knows how to pinpoint the issues and I leave the office re-energized. I had been bed bound for two months before using acupuncture. In my humble opinion, both doctors are miraculous.

L.C. -

I found Dr. Kim on Yelp after being rear-ended on the freeway a few months ago. Before I began treatment, I was experiencing neck and upper back discomfort, TMJ, headaches, and numbness and tingling going down my arm into my baby finger.
Although physical therapy sessions at another facility were somewhat helpful, I received more relief from Dr. Kim's treatments and soon relied on acupuncture solely for the rest of my care.
If I could give Dr. Kim and her staff more than a 5-star review, I surely would. Dr. Kim is genuine and shows a great deal of compassion for her patients. She listens well and addresses all concerns and questions. Her treatments alleviated my symptoms and I am grateful for her care

C.L. -

Dr. Stephanie Yong has been able to help me when all the other doctors were at a loss for answers. I've been sick for over a year and have gone to more doctors, been in and out of ER, and have had more medical tests done than I ever thought possible. I had lost 20 lbs. over the course of a year and until I met Dr. Yong, I couldn't figure a way to stop the weight loss. Through a test I had taken with the last endocrinologist (Glucose Insulin Stress Test), I found out one of the reasons my body was literally wasting away, a low insulin level. After failing to get help from the endocrinologist, I turned to acupuncture as my last resort.
I shared my background and all the information I had with Dr. Yong, who is a GREAT listener and communicator. And she got it! After the 1st session, my blood sugar numbers were in the normal range. After the 2nd session, I started to gain weight. I've just completed my 4th session and not only am I continuing to gain weight but a lot of other symptoms, such as cramping and tingling in the legs, are subsiding. It's been such a difficult journey. I can't believe it's acupuncture that's helping where Western medicine has failed.
Dr. Yong is extremely gifted in her craft and has such a great bedside manner. If you're reading this and are looking for answers to your health issues, don't hesitate to try this.

G.D. -

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