Acupuncture Theory is a complex system of diagnosis that views the person as a whole. While presenting symptoms of two patients may seem equal, the underlying causes for the manifesting symptoms may vary greatly between the two cases. Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine take into consideration the physical, mental, and emotional factors that contribute to a certain condition in order to diagnose and treat the body holistically. In doing so, the root of disease can be targeted instead of merely masking symptoms.  And because the whole body is observed and the underlying cause is treated, the concern for side-effects of treatments or need to see numerous specialists is eliminated.  Even the strongest modern drugs usually can only mask symptoms, not induce healing. True healing is only possible when your body heals itself.

That’s what makes our Acupuncture and Chinese herbs so powerful. They work by assisting your body’s self-healing mechanisms and correcting biochemical imbalances. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used specifically for musculoskeletal issues.  Needles are inserted directly onto muscle fasciae to loosen up adhesions (knots) that result from inflammatory factors and toxins that build up from chronic pain, injuries, and/or overuse.  This is a very effective technique with significant results for pain conditions.  Dr. Kim uses dry needling in conjunction with her traditional acupuncture treatments, which produces even quicker results, as the whole body is treated along with the affected areas for faster healing.


Cupping has been used in TCM since the third century B.C.  Traditionally, cupping involves using an open flame with a rounded "cup" made of glass, pottery, or bamboo, so that a vacuum is created and cups adhere tightly to the skin.  In recent years, other forms of cupping have developed such as manual pneumatic pumps, or electronic cupping devices which are less abrasive to the skin.  Several cups may be applied at  one time to a particular part of the body.

The jars are left in position for 10 to 15 minutes while the vacuum inside the cup produces  suction on the skin and increases the blood flow and circulation. Cupping is particularly helpful for conditions such as inflammation, lower back pain and stiff neck and shoulders as it increases circulation and the mobility of affected areas.  Cupping is also effective for respiratory issues like common colds or asthma.  For more information on cupping in Torrance and Redondo Beach, CA contact us.

Herbal Formulas

TCM has a history of herbal formulas that date back to more than 3000 years.  Herbal formulas are composed of different parts of plants (in some cases, animals) to address just as much as a wide variety of issues as acupuncture can treat.  In contrast to most synthetic prescriptions, herbal formulas are all-natural and contain none or minimal side effects if administered properly.  Our office prescribes formulas mostly in pill or powder form so that they can taken easily, without the inconvenience of cooking the herbs at home.  Herbal treatments go hand-in-hand with acupuncture sessions and when used together, patients will notice their synergistic effects as treatment effects become retained and they notice improvements in their systems as their body is re-balanced from the inside-out.    


One-on-one Pilates sessions are available with our instructor, Regina Park, who will help guide you through progressive exercises to help strengthen your core, improve posture and flexibility, and build lean muscle.  In combination with our acupuncture treatments, Pilates will help not only to condition your muscles, but also help with structural alignment and increase awareness of your mind-body connection.  Core strength and flexibility are a big part of musculoskeletal health and injury prevention.  Pilates is adaptable for different levels of fitness and needs – anyone can benefit from Pilates! As a former classically trained ballerina and ballet instructor, Regina has helped many patients with chronic pain and injuries as well as dance conditioning through Pilates.

If you are a patient at Trinity Acupuncture, be sure to book a Pilates session with our existing patient discount!