How Acupuncture can Help Athletes

Acupuncture is a healing practice that originated in China about 3000 years ago. The traditional healing method is based on the belief that 12 main energy pathways connect over 2,000 acupuncture points in the human body. The acupuncture points connect...

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How Acupuncture can Help with Fatigue

With so many things happening in your life, it's not difficult to understand why you feel exhausted. Lack of sleep and stress are common factors that cause many people to become quickly tired. However, when you reach a point where you are always tired,...

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How Acupuncture Helps Your Well Being

Pain can suck the joy out of previously enjoyable activities. Fortunately, you can visit your doctor, prescribing various treatment options, including physiotherapy, surgery, or drugs to ease the pain. You can also choose acupuncture. Acupuncture is a...

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Your Neck on Stress

Many people can relate to the neck strain caused by poor sitting positions at work or inappropriate sleeping positions, or even trauma. Neck stress and pain can prevent you from effectively carrying out your daily activities. Some of the most common...

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