There are several alternative treatments for insomnia besides the typical sleeping aid that could cause various adverse effects.  These effects of over-the-counter and prescription sleeping pills may include drowsiness, dry mouth, and forgetfulness.  Not only that, but many people develop dependence and tolerance to the drugs, requiring patients to be on them for long periods of time in increased dosages.  Withdrawal symptoms are also common, leading to nausea and sweating when medication is suddenly stopped.  In many such cases, rebound insomnia is seen where the resulting condition is worse than that prior to taking the medication.

Acupuncture treats insomnia in several ways and one main effect of acupuncture treatments is the reduction in stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (the body’s fight-or- flight response system) and enhancement of the parasympathetic nervous system (the body’s rest-and-digest response system).

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments aim to cure various types of insomnia instead of simply masking the symptoms by treating the root of the problem.  There are many causes of insomnia, including pain, anxiety, hormonal changes in women (as in menopause or during menstruation), mental disorders, and use of psychoactive drugs (such as antidepressants).  Acupuncture and herbal treatments work synergistically and in conjunction, not only help you to enter a very relaxed state but also address the underlying cause that is specific to your case.

Some Natural Remedies & Tips for Insomnia:

  • Do not eat late at night. Eating late at night especially hinders sleep for those with digestive disorders or a weak digestive system.
  • Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is very soothing and drinking this tea at night or after dinner may help with relaxing and sleep.
  • Do not watch TV at night. Stimulating activities such as watching TV activates the Beta waves in the brain.  Beta waves are associated with wakefulness.
  • Warm foot baths. Foot baths can help bring the energy downward towards the ground/feet, helping relaxation.

What patients are saying…

Sou Yeong helped me a lot with my anxiety and insomnia.  I’ve been prone to anxiety for a long time but the meds I’m on since my hysterectomy make it difficult for me to fall asleep.  But since I started acupuncture treatments with Sou Yeong, my anxiety has gotten under control and I also have a lot more energy.  The insomnia has been more difficult to treat, but my sleep quality is still improved and I’m able to fall asleep earlier than before.  I’ll definitely continue my treatments with her to get more results.  Sou Yeong takes such good care of me, she is so warm I always feel at ease with her.  -Lynette, 57

I have a long history of anxiety and depression and have been seeing various doctors for the health of my body and my mind.  Over the past three months, I had regular visits with Sou Yeong. Since then I am able to sleep a lot better even without my sleeping aids and I can feel my mind instantly relax instead of running all over the place when I’m in treatment.  I also had to make some major changes in my life and had a great fear and anxiety about it for a long time.  But I was able to cope with all these changes recently.  I can only think of acupuncture as the thing that helped me successfully transition.  I am a true believer of acupuncture and am so glad that I met Sou Yeong.  -Y.P., 56

A friend recommended me to see Dr. Kim after I told him about my sleeping problems.  After the very first treatment, I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep.  Even though I was still waking up throughout the night, I fell back asleep easier and the sleep itself was deeper.  With repeated treatments, I didn’t wake up as often and I could tell I was a lot more rested at night since I had more energy in the day.  Now, I sleep much better without waking my wife up at night! Dr. Kim also worked on a lot of pain issues and with the treatments, the pain’s been quiet.  She’s also helping me with my weight loss and it’s incredible how much more energy I have and how I don’t feel as hungry throughout the day.  My appetite is under control and I can control my portions a lot better too without feeling hungry.  -H.F.