I saw Sou Yeong for the first time and got immediate relief of my IBS symptoms.  I’ve been pretty healthy all my life but starting last year my body just fell apart.  I’m a mother with three kids so I can’t afford to be sick.  My constipation was so bad that I had not gone to the bathroom for at least two week!  Even during the treatment I could feel things digesting and moving around in my tummy.  That very same day I was able to go to the bathroom successfully.  Boy, did I feel better after that!  I felt like all the toxins stuck in my body had been released.  I see Sou Yeong on a regular basis now and since that first treatment, my BMs are completely regular and I feel lighter and healthier.  She’s been helping with my gynecological problems and energy too.  Thanks so much for all your help! 

L.A. -

First I want to start off by saying I'm not much for posting reviews unless I really think it's worth sharing. Stephanie has been treating me for years ranging from sport injuries to illnesses.  With all the activities I'm involved in, I admit that I can be clumsy sometimes, but it's always re-assuring to know she's just a phone call away and my insurance covers it.
One of her greatest traits that sets her apart from other acupuncturist I've been to is she has great bed side manner, she educates you in understanding what's causing your issues, what you need to do to prevent it in the future and keeps you informed throughout the entire process so you're not wondering, what's next.  Being that she has knowledge of Western medicine, it's great to deal with someone that see's it from both sides, and address the pro's and con's to both worlds and provide a holistic approach to treatment.
In addition she's able to relate to a lot of the issues that I experience being that she stays active herself and understands the mechanics of the human body.
She asks the right questions to understand and pinpoint your specific issues before diving into treatment.  Everything she does is personalized to ensure you get the right treatment.
What really tipped me over to the Chinese Medicine side was when I had a relatively bad fever that just wouldn't go away, I was out for a few days.  I went to see Stephanie and she gave me an herbal formula, (which didn't taste very good, but then again what medicine does) but it worked!  Within a couple days, I finally started to see a turn towards recovery and best of all I didn't have to pop any pills that my doctor would've probably given me and called it a day.  The plus, she followed up to make sure I was feeling better.

Michael H. -

I aggravated my knee 3 years ago by being overconfident and overzealous while preparing for a 10k run and my knee hasn’t been the same since. I didn’t want to go into surgery for something that wasn’t too serious but at the same time I needed to fix the problem before things got worse and that’s when I went to Christy (should I be calling her Dr. Christy?). I explained what my deal was and she went to work, needling me after explaining exactly what she was going to do. The needling process was surprisingly painless and I even started to doze off while my leg looked like a pin cushion. Once the procedure was done my knee felt brand new and I am even able to do training runs on my bike in preparation for a century ride with no problems! I also returned to her to combat a niggling cough I had after experiencing extreme frustrations with my HMO doctor who kept prescribing me antibiotic after antibiotic which would keep the cough away for a few months before returning again stronger than ever. Before I went ballistic on that frittata, I got in touch with Christy and she gave me some cheap herbal medicine which alleviated the problem almost immediately. Who knew acupuncturists had that knowledge too? I was expecting to go in to get some lung piercings. If I need major surgery where I need to get my spinal cord replaced I will attempt to contact my HMO doctors but for everything else I am definitely coming back to Christy.

Benjamin K. -

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