First and foremost I want to say Sou Yeong is great at what she does. She is a very caring and attentive person. When I first went to see Sou Yeong I was suffering from anxiety and had been for 2 years. I was in and out of emergency rooms, doctors offices and was prescribed all kinds of medication- anti-depressants, anxiety medications you name it I was on it and I just kept getting worse and worse. I was unable to sleep and lived in constant fear due to the anxiety. Acupuncture was my last resort. I wasn’t sure what to expect besides the fact that I was going to have needles in me but at that point I desperately needed help and I was at my wits end, so a few needles in me seemed OK after all I had been through. After a few treatments I noticed a tremendous change I was able to sleep and most of all the anxiety had FINALLY subsided. I’m not completely cured just yet (I am comfortable saying I am about 90% there) but I know I’m well on my way. Sou Yeong is also treating my mom for her menopausal symptoms and helping my son with his ADHD and I see much improvement with them both. I truly believe Sou Yeong was Godsent to my family. I have faith in her healing abilities and I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering with any ailments.

Monica, 35 -

Let me start by saying that I’m a SUPER hard grader.   I work at a law firm and am responsible for hiring lawyers so I have to be super picky.   So, when it comes to hiring someone to take care of me, I’m even tougher.  I’m really busy and stressed out and don’t have time or money to waste on someone or something that isn’t the best.   Dr. Kim is the BEST!

I started looking for an Acupuncturist a few months ago when I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (temporary paralysis of half your face brought on by stress).  The doctors at Cedars gave me 1 week of steroids and told me to wait it out.  That’s really not helpful when you can’t go out in public.  I read online that Acupuncture might help.  I already believed in Acupuncture because I had it during my chemo treatments for Ovarian Cancer.  Unfortunately, Dr. Ross who was wonderful much passed away a few years ago so I couldn’t go to him.  Dr. Ross was able to help eliminate almost all of the side effects associated with my Chemo therapy.

I found Dr. Kim by googling her.  She immediately answered her phone and took the time to listen to me. She got me in for an appointment that same day. I left messages at a  few other places  but they never called back. They were probably too busy doing facials or mani/pedis since a lot of the acupuncture places in Southbay seem to do more than Acupuncture which in my opinion is not a good sign.

I immediately felt comfortable when I met Dr. Kim.  She’s patient, kind and understanding.  Did I mention she’s also really GREAT at what she does?  I immediately started seeing results.  I was able to start blinking my eye and my smile looked less crooked after a few sessions.   Based on what  I read online, I expected to be paralyzed from 3 – 9 months.   Dr. Kim got me back to looking normal in 5 weeks.

The Bell’s Palsy is almost gone but I still go to Dr. Kim once a week for stress and digestion.  I’m less stressed, less bloated and feel better.

Go see Dr. Kim but don’t take my 5 pm appointment on Thursdays!

All the best.

Selene -

Stephanie is patient, caring, sensitive, and holds space for nurtured healing and self awareness. She works WITH you, and is very accommodating, and gentle. I have worked with many healers, and it is definitely not every day that you are fortunate enough to receive treatments from someone who is willing to have a respectful dialogue about your individual healing process rather than force/ coerce/persuade/ convince you of the "right way". I am so thankful for each treatment I received, for finally feeling that I could express myself to a practitioner and actually be HEARD, for feeling empowered and encouraged to be in charge of my my healing, and to gain sensitivity towards my body.

Salma D. -

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