I have never gotten…or trusted acupuncture until i started getting treatments from Christy.  She made a believer out of me.  Even though I’m Asian…I definitely trusted in the safety of western medicine and its empire of pills.
However, I gave acupuncture and herbal stuff a try.
First…to begin with…I do not go to the doctor’s…it’s a Korean second generational thing.  So if I’m asking for help…it’s because I’m in pain or extremely uncomfortable.
I had two instances in the last year where I was in such a situation…and both times I went to Christy for healing.  YES…HEALING.
If I had gone to a western doctor, they would have given me antibiotics or whatever other pills and it would have taken 7 days to heal..at least.
For instance, I had a chronic cough for well over a month…I was told to go to the doctors because it was most likely an infection in my lungs, or something completely crazy like that.  I got treatment from Christy, and I kid you not, the cough was 90% gone the day after.
I have gotten cupping, acupuncture and herbal stuff….don’t know what happens when it’s done completely separate from each other…but what I do know is that the three combination is MAGIC.

B. Kim -

I just want to thank Dr. Kim for helping me have a quality life.  Over 19 years ago I was in an accident and I was knocked unconscious and transported to a hospital.  Later I was assigned a neurologist for treatment and I begin to take medication for being dizzy.  Since that time I have taken different types of medications, but I would only have temporary relief.  My greatest fear was driving because I did not know when I would become dizzy.  On my second visit to Dr. Kim I had a good report, because after my first treatment I have not experienced being dizzy. I will always be thankful for her help and I will continue with acupuncture, because you can be treated for so many other medical problems.

T. Miya, Ph.D. -

I honestly can’t believe how Dr. Kim did it, but after two treatments, I started my period again!!!! My periods were always irregular from long ago when I was younger but these days I didn’t have them for at least half a year.  I didn’t have too much other menopause symptoms and I’m too young for that so I was pretty worried and stressed about it.  But now I feel so much better in every way.. more energy, less pain, more relaxed.  Thank you so much!

Jennifer L., 43 -

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