I saw Sou Yeong at the recommendation of my OB/GYN while undergoing infertility treatments. I had heard that acupuncture was effective for infertility but never really considered it until my doctor urged me to.  My husband and I had already made the decision to go through with in vitro but I went to see her anyway because my doctor said that acupuncture will increase the chance of success. I saw Sou Yeong and she was just wonderful.  I was a little nervous in the beginning but she put my body and mind at ease and answered all my questions, giving me any and all information I would need.  Her treatments and follow-up were excellent and we worked on regulating my cycle and my back pain. After the first two treatments, there as drastic change.  No more back pain! And when my periods came, they were more regular and less painful.  After about a month into the treatment, I started getting hormone injections for the in vitro process.  During the whole time of doctor visits, test, and more tests, I continued with the acupuncture for ivf to help the process.  Few weeks later, I am pregnant!  I’ve heard of many couples being unsuccessful with their in vitro but we were successful on our very first try! And we’re very happy and excited. Thank you, Dr. Sou Yeong!

M.R., 34 -

If someone had told me to try acupuncture even 2-3 years ago, I wouldn’t have given a second thought.  But I resorted to acupuncture after I had exhausted all my other options for my unbearable foot pain.  I’ve been having pain in the soles of my feet for many years and they got to excruciating pain after a couple of days of hard work standing around all da.  After one visit, I was sold! I admit, I had my doubts but I was desperate and a buddy of mine recommended acupuncture.  I felt a noticeable difference in my pain after the first visit.  I decided to go back for a second visit at Sou Yeong’s recommendation and I haven’t had to go back since.  And the pain isn’t back either!

C.B., 59 -

I’ve been to one other acupuncturist in the area, but I’ve just settled down and use Christy as my regular acupuncturist.  I used to see her every week, and she would prescribe me herbs (pill form, not powder! yay!) that I would take 3 times a day with warm/hot water.  i’m actually very non-compliant with powder forms and pay lots, while Christy’s herbs only cost about $15-20 bucks a bottle.

You would never call my conversations modest, so here I go continuing my pattern.  I’ve had years worth of UTI’s starting when I turned 26 (now almost 30).  I’m a nursing student, so I know all the no-no stuff about wiping properly and certain sex positions, thongs, not going to the bathroom, etc.  Partly my infections stemmed from having sex, but what prophylactically made it worse was the fact that I ate sweet stuff all the time and was constantly dehydrated and hardly ever peed.  I’m just not a thirsty person, I tell you!  It was bothersome and kept me running to my regular physician for antibiotics.

Well, boo on that.  Antibiotics wipes out all of the natural flora in my body that helps get rid of uti’s at the same time as the bad bacteria.  I knew I couldn’t keep on doing this to my body and seeking alternative remedies was the best way to go.

Also I had a problem with my menstrual cycle that I didn’t know about.  Apparently, my period was way too long and the cycle was also way too long.

I’ve had ear infections, sinus pressure, severe allergies (my family has a hyperreactive immune response like hives over exercising or stress), eczema, GI bowel distress, and STRESS!  Lots and lots of stress.  I also study A LOT and occasionally have shoulder pain from hunching over my computer or books trying to study.

It’s been since June/July that I first started going to Christy and here are my results:

1) No more UTIs  (my ultimate relief)
2) Shortened periods (down to only 4 days from 7) + regular 28 days from 34
3) No more persistent ear infections
4) Allergies are down to a minimum
5) Minimal eczema flare ups
6) No knots in shoulders
7) Waaayyy less stress than before.

She’s really the best!  Super nice, easy to talk to, clean/relaxing rooms, and I always fall asleep during my appointments.    Ahhh…

Allison -

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