If you are exploring in vitro fertilization (or other methods such as artificial IUI or ICSI) to get pregnant, acupuncture and herbal treatment may be necessary and crucial adjunct therapies to facilitate the process.

As you may have already experienced, IVF is a long and challenging process with frequent doctor visits and hormone injections that can be quite costly.  You want to increase your likelihood of a successful pregnancy and healthy term as much as possible.  Acupuncture and herbal treatments will do just that as we identify and treat exactly what may be going on in your system that is causing the difficulty in becoming pregnant.

Working in conjunction with your IVF/IUI cycles, acupuncture can promote the effects of the hormones that you are using, while mitigating any unwanted side-effects that hormones can produce (such as bloating, fatigue, and more seriously, hyperstimulation of the ovaries).  Treatments will aid in producing healthy follicles for retrieval (or ovulation) and after the embryo transfer or insemination, acupuncture and herbal treatments will help secure implantation and prevent miscarriage once the implantation takes place.  

I saw Dr. Kim at the recommendation of my OB/GYN while undergoing infertility treatments. I had heard that acupuncture was effective for infertility but never really considered it until my doctor urged me to.  My husband and I had already made the decision to go through with in vitro but I went to see her anyway because my doctor said that acupuncture will increase the chance of success. I saw Dr. Kim and she was just wonderful.  I was a little nervous in the beginning but she put my body and mind at ease and answered all my questions, giving me any and all information I would need.  Her treatments and follow-up were excellent and we worked on regulating my cycle and my back pain. After the first two treatments, there as drastic change.  No more back pain! And when my periods came, they were more regular and less painful.  After about a month into the treatment, I started getting hormone injections for the in vitro process.  During the whole time of doctor visits, test, and more tests, I continued with the acupuncture to help the process.  Few weeks later, I am pregnant!  I’ve heard of many couples being unsuccessful with their in vitro but we were successful on our very first try! And we’re very happy and excited. Thank you, Dr. Kim! 
-M.R., 34