A friend recommended me to see Dr. Kim after I told him about my sleeping problems.  After the very first treatment, I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep.  Even though I was still waking up throughout the night, I fell back asleep easier and the sleep itself was deeper.  With repeated treatments, I didn’t wake up as often and I could tell I was a lot more rested at night since I had more energy in the day.  Now, I sleep much better without waking my wife up at night! Dr. Kim also worked on a lot of pain issues and with the treatments, the pain’s been quiet.  She’s also helping me with my weight loss and it’s incredible how much more energy I have and how I don’t feel as hungry throughout the day.  My appetite is under control and I can control my portions a lot better too without feeling hungry.

H.F. -

I started seeing Christy because of a friend’s recommendation.  I was always complaining about my allergies and she urged me to see Christy, I guess she got sick of my complaining.  After the first treatment I could already tell that my sinuses weren’t congested and I could actually breathe.  I followed Christy’s treatment plan and saw a few more times and I felt better overall.  My allergies didn’t come back even with the cold weather and rain.  And I had more energy and my digestion improved too.  I’ve had maybe two flare ups since I started seeing Christy 3 months ago and that’s MUCH better than having to take benadril or flonase every day.  Now I just go for maintenance to keep myself healthy and I feel great.

F.A. -

I am a loyal patient for almost 1 year now and I don’t know where to start.  I started seeing Christy because of my back pain but she’s helped me with so much more throughout the months.  After started acupuncture, I have more energy, less frequent allergy flare ups, improvement of my IBS which I’ve had for a very long time, better sleep, relaxation for when I’m stressed with work, decreased pain in my back, legs, shoulders, neck, and NO MORE MIGRAINES!  I highly recommend her!

J.J., 56 -

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