Everyone deals with stress differently: some people eat more and gain weight while others eat less; some individuals feel lethargic and easily fatigued while others experience insomnia or disturbed sleep; some are affected mentally and emotionally causing anxiety and/or depression; still others internalize their stress which can manifest as digestive issues (heartburn, ulcers, IBS, etc.) or tension headaches and migraines; many people hold their stress in their muscles which lead to neck and shoulder pain/tension. While there are many different manifestations of stress and ways we deal with it, one thing is very clear – the mind and body are intricately related and one affects the other (and vice versa).

The way we deal with stress and the symptoms resulting from stress are related to our underlying condition. In Chinese medicine, each organ not only has its own form and function but each organ is associated with an emotion, a spirit, and a disease pattern. These patterns indicate how likely a person is to have certain conditions or tendencies.

For example, the spleen is part of the digestive system but it is related to worrying/pensiveness (emotion) and Yi (the spirit related to Thought). The pattern relating to the spleen is dampness. When the spleen is weak or unhealthy, it leads to damp accumulation.This dampness causes a general heaviness in the body – fatigue or sluggishness, fullness, bloating or tiredness after meals (also known as “food coma” among many people), weight gain and decreased metabolism. This dampness also affects the digestive system in general which can lead to diarrhea/loose stool, craving/avoiding of sweet foods. The emotion/spirit related to this organ may cause worrying and over-thinking which may cause the person to be prone to more stress or may cause a person to worry or over-think in times of stress.

Such personality and physiology types lead to different stress response mechanisms and acupuncture treatments aim to reduce stress and induce relaxation but also treat the underlying constitution of the patient so that they can be better equipped to deal with stressful situations in a healthier way and be less susceptible to their symptoms associated with stress.

First and foremost I want to say Sou Yeong is great at what she does. She is a very caring and attentive person. When I first went to see Sou Yeong I was suffering from anxiety and had been for 2 years. I was in and out of emergency rooms, doctors offices and was prescribed all kinds of medication- anti-depressants, anxiety medications you name it I was on it and I just kept getting worse and worse. I was unable to sleep and lived in constant fear due to the anxiety. Acupuncture was my last resort. I wasn’t sure what to expect besides the fact that I was going to have needles in me but at that point I desperately needed help and I was at my wits end, so a few needles in me seemed OK after all I had been through. After a few treatments I noticed a tremendous change I was able to sleep and most of all the anxiety had FINALLY subsided. I’m not completely cured just yet (I am comfortable saying I am about 90% there) but I know I’m well on my way. Sou Yeong is also treating my mom for her menopausal symptoms and helping my son with his ADHD and I see much improvement with them both. I truly believe Sou Yeong was Godsent to my family. I have faith in her healing abilities and I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering with any ailments.
-Monica, 35