Sou Yeong helped me a lot with my anxiety and insomnia.  I’ve been prone to anxiety for a long time but the meds I’m on since my hysterectomy make it difficult for me to fall asleep.  But since I started acupuncture treatments with Sou Yeong, my anxiety has gotten under control and I also have a lot more energy.  The insomnia has been more difficult to treat, but my sleep quality is still improved and I’m able to fall asleep earlier than before.  I’ll definitely continue my treatments with her to get more results.  Sou Yeong takes such good care of me, she is so warm I always feel at ease with her.

Lynette, 57 -

My neck and shoulder pain was so bad that it would make me throw up.  I also got constant headaches and it even affected my vision.  After my first visit, I could tell that my muscles loosened up a lot.  I also felt very relaxed and the treatment made me less stressed.  Working at my desk job made my neck pain so bad that I would get tingling in my arms and fingers.  After 3 treatments, I no longer have the tingling sensation and my vision is back to normal.  The headaches are also reduced.  Christy recommended that I see her a few more times to manage the pain and maintain my health.  I trust that I’ll feel even better after a few more treatments.  Definitely would recommend her for any kind of pain! 

K.M., 28 -

I’ve had hypertension for many years and been on diovan for it during the whole time.  With Sou Yeong’s acupuncture treatments, my blood pressure has been more stable and significantly lowered than before.  As a result, I do not have the headaches in the back of my head/neck that I used to have every morning or if I got tired.  I feel more energetic and sleep better during the night.  My job also forces me to use my arms and legs a lot and it’s been causing a lot of knee and low back pain.  After each treatment, I can feel that my joints feel more supple and my low back also feels loose and stronger with less pain.  She’s definitely my go-to person for any kind of condition I have now.  She’s even treated my colds and toothaches!  Amazing!

Glen, 56 -

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