Although I’m a firm believer in eastern medicine, I don’t look forward to getting acupuncture because I don’t enjoy needles.  A couple months ago my wrist was bothering me a lot – it hurt when I moved or even bent it forward at a 20-degree angle.  I had suffered from bouts of wrist pain before but this time it hurt a lot more and the pain did not go away.  I could also see a visible lump forming on the top of my wrist.  I didn’t have the insurance to go to a hospital; I knew it would cost a lot of money to get x-rays, see a doctor, etc.  I came to Sou Yeong’s office hoping but not entirely believing she could cure the pain.  After only one treatment of acupuncture or moxibustion (spelling?), my wrist was better.  It sounds unbelievable.  Even I couldn’t believe it but two days afterward I had literally NO pain, no sign of the lump.  It was amazing.  I would definitely go back.

Christina P., 23 -

I hate needles but I can definitely vouch for Christy’s acupuncture treatments! Besides her awesome treatments, she is the sweetest doctor I’ve ever met! She’s always willing to listen to EVERYTHING I have to say and I talk A LOT!  She genuinely cares for me (and all her patients) and I feel totally comfortable with her during our consults and treatments.  She takes time to listen and to really explain what’s going on with me and how the treatments work.  She has such a warm presence.  And since I’ve been seeing her, all of my issues have gotten so much better and I’m hopeful that I’ll get well soon!

Stacey, 29 -

All my life I had terrible migraines… I went to doctors, took prescription pills etc. but no one ever cured me.  I was getting sick of taking pills all the time and still sometimes having headaches.  it was so bad I couldn’t focus at work, couldn’t function in daily life.  i went to see Dr. Kim after researching for someone online.  i had never had acupuncture before and I wondered if it would work on me.  After one session i didn’t have any migraines for a whole week, and only once the week after.  now they are completely gone.  Dr. Kim is also helping me with my stomach problems.  I have intense pain sometimes, so much that I double over and can’t move.  since being treated, my stomach feels a lot better… it doesn’t feel as tight or full as it used to.  i am still going to her once a week and i’m sure i will get better soon.

C.S., 36 -

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