Dr.Kim seriously knows what she’s doing and results have been amazing! But the reason why I keep going back to her is because she really cares about her patients and makes me feel so at ease even with my fear of needles. I was a skeptic when I first visited. But while waiting in the reception area, one lady shared about how she had cured her sister from her crushing back pain for years that no one was able to heal. Because of that, that lady had to at least come check it out for her own issues. So I walked in with a bit more confidence and peace.

I went in for some stomach issues, but with just reading my pulse and observing my tongue color she was able to tell that I was on my menstrual cycle! She also was able to pinpoint some of my health issues that I had experienced for a while. She was very thorough and shared a lot of her knowledge with me.

Now, I am deathly afraid of needles and I shared my fear with her. She acknowledged and we began talking about some other things. Before I knew it, she somehow placed the needles and I didn’t even feel it! That was amazing. Although it stung a bit when the needles were out, I was really impressed. I highly recommend her! She accepts insurance too!

Sunny P. -

I love Christy! My forearm had some muscle damage that was caused by a side effect from some strong meds my doctor had given me.  Anyway, it was going on for about 9 months and the doctors had no idea how to get it back to functioning normally.  It would literally lock up, I couldn’t lift anything or even write sometimes.  On a whim, I looked up acupuncture on yelp and read the reviews so figured what the heck.  I was totally skeptical.  But after the 2nd visit I noticed change.  And after the 6th visit, totally back to normal.  YAY!!!!  And it was covered by my insurance.  WIN WIN!  Plus, Christy just has a pleasant personality and always runs on time, which is  HUGE to me.

Liz -

I have had back problems for the past three years. I finally got it diagnosed by a PT MD last year, and he told me that I had two herniated discs in my lower back. Basically, my nerves in my spine were getting pinched, and were giving me unbearable pain that would shoot throughout my lower back. It hurt to bend over to pick something up. It would hurt to sneeze. I had to sacrifice running, and all other low impact activities (aerobics, hiking, etc) indefinitely.

After numerous visits to various acupuncturists, physical therapists, and even two epidural cortisone shots, my back remained the same. I was pretty depressed, because I led a pretty active lifestyle prior to my back injury.

I heard about Christy through my sister, and thought I’d give her a try, because she was local. I’m so glad I took my sister’s advice, because Christy has taken away a majority of my back pain, and I am now able to actually RUN.

Christy not only takes her time with her patients, but genuinely cares for each individual that walks through her office. She doesn’t half-ass anything. She diagnoses the problem immediately and does a great job explaining the problem and how she intends to treat the ailment.

I have been seeing Christy for about 3 months now, and this is the best I’ve felt in 3 years. If you have any health issues, go see Christy. She’s GREAT.

Esther -

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