After seeing good results for myself with Dr. Kim, I took my 6-year old daughter to see her for asthma.  I didn’t want to put her on inhalers or medicine for the rest of her life but after a severe bout of coughing and fever and many trips to the ER I finally thought it was time to look for other alternatives.  To my pleasant surprise, my daughter did very well with the acupuncture needles.  She was a little timid at first but now she loves going to acupuncture and to see Dr. Kim.  Since her first treatment, I could tell that her coughing and even sinus congestion were reduced.  After a month of regular visits, her asthma became a lot stable and now she only goes in to get acupuncture for occasional maintenance or with allergies once the weather gets cold.  I’m so happy that my little girl could run around at school without worrying about triggering her asthma.  And she could have a normal life without the medicine too.

M.V. -

I saw Dr. Km at my massage therapist’s urging.  I was hesitant because I had a bad experience with acupuncture before but this time around it was much better and much more relaxing.  I was feeling under the weather and could feel a cold coming.  I had chills and my nose was running and I had a sore throat.  I was very surprised that after the treatment I felt the symptoms get reduced.  I went in a second time that week and afterwards all my symptoms were totally gone and I was able to fight off the bad cold that was going around.  Ever since then I see Dr. Kim for any of my health concerns.  I have noticed a definite improvement in my energy even when I work long hours and the pains I have in my body are very improved.  I had many bone and muscle injuries in the past but the pain is a lot better with the acupuncture treatments than when I had just massages only.  Thank you Dr. Kim, you made me a true believer in this medicine.

JY -

This is my new happy place. I started coming here only two weeks (once a week) and I feel so much better overall. I have had an autoimmune disease for the last ten years which makes me feel extremely tired and I have muscle/joint pain all over my body. At the moment I am being a rebellious 25 year old and I do not want to take plaquenil for my condition. So I am seeking help from eastern medicine

I always leave feeling great (mind,body and spirit) and that great feeling last! I felt less bloated after the first session! I feel like everybody could use acupuncture in their life! Christy is an amazing healer and incredibly caring. I will continue coming here once every week forever if I can!  My mom and sister are going to start going, I highly recommend Christy to all!!

Marie R. -

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