I had no idea that acupuncture could treat so many things!  I always went to see Dr. Kim for my shoulder and neck pain.  While we were in session once, I mentioned in passing that I get frequent UTI’s.  Before then, I never bothered to mention anything else other than my pain even if she asked because I thought acupuncture specialized only for pain.  But when she heard that I got frequent UTI’s, she explained why my body is so likely to get those infections and treated me for the UTI.  After the first time, I already saw a difference!  There was not as much pain and I could go to the bathroom a lot easier.  She prescribed some herbs for me and within 1-2 weeks, I was all better even though I didn’t get better with the antibiotics that my doctor gave me before.  Since then, I always make sure I tell Dr. Kim ALLLL of my problems.  She’s worked on me for my insomnia and anxiety as well!  Now I know acupuncture isn’t just for pain but for so many things.  She even helped me with my pms symptoms.  I used to get to get such bad cramps but now my periods are more regular and the pain is less too!  I love talking to her and learning more about my health too! 

R.F., 24 -

There is pure love in [Dr. Yong]'s Head, Heart & Hands. She actually cares. You can sense it in the non generic questions.  She exudes comfort and healing. 
I've literally seen over 100 doctors. ONE HUNDRED. I visited Stephanie at her practice and immediately felt a sense of peace, patience and love but her and the entire staff!  I wasn't #37. My name didn't pop up on a board. I didn't wait for an hour. Nor did I get rushed through my visit.  My voice. My pain. My life. Was heard. Individually!  And if you have ever been through the system, like I have, you know how amazing; having your voice heard,can be!

Chris P. -

One of my sister-in-laws, introduced me to Christy this past October.
I have been suffering from chronic allergies for almost a year.
I first made an appt. to see Christy and get to know who she is and shared a little about my condition.  I lost my sense of smell, taste and I couldn’t breathe from my nose.  I soon started to see here twice a week.
Being the special kind of person that I am, I was afraid to have the needles in me. Everyday, I would say I was her “pain patient,” but every week I would see Christy, she was patient, she cares about and listens to you and only wants you to get better. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for quite a few weeks. But, in her caring loving way she would say, your going to be fine. Finally, on Christmas night after 6 p.m. I smelled some aroma. As of today, I got back my sense of taste, smell and I am able to breathe from my nose once again.

Anita -

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