Pilates For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Balance and coordination issues are among the most prevalent and frustrating symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Experiencing ongoing physical or mental instability can have a significant impact on your quality of life. When multiple sclerosis (MS)...

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The Alexander Technique and Aging Well

With life expectancy decreasing, there has been a growing need to promote a healthy and quality life for senior citizens. Living into your 90s is terrific, but the concern is whether you will function well at this age, as you often lose your stature,...

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Alexander Technique and Pregnancy

Birthing techniques are fairly popular right now. There is a wide variety of birthing techniques available, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. While most birthing techniques are geared at helping expectant mothers feel more confident in...

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Pilates vs. Yoga: The Main Differences

Exercises like pilates and yoga are beneficial for practically anyone. Pilates and yoga involve low-impact actions, but there's one significant difference. During a yoga session, you usually take up one position while holding it, or you transition into...

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