For many years in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncturists have used particular techniques to treat conditions like eye strains, cancer-treatment effects, and infertility. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), these techniques involve inserting needles in specific body points, commonly referred to as acupuncture points.

First, the needles stimulate the acupuncture points, and your body releases self-healing properties that comprise various hormones and chemicals. Next, these chemicals are responsible for treating specific ailments. Therefore, acupuncture requires your practitioner to understand what points to drive needles in and the condition to be treated.

Note that different body points are stimulated to heal certain conditions. So, you want to ascertain that your acupuncturist is certified before undergoing treatment. Many studies state that acupuncture also eases various chronic pain types like migraines, tension headaches, knee pain, and low-back pain.

In this blog post, you learn how acupuncture plays a crucial role in the beneficial effects of treating conditions. The top benefits include:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Among the many patients who seek acupuncture services, a significant percentage are undergoing stress. Stress causes could be pressures of work or even personal issues. In the USA, studies have shown that 77% of the population have experienced stress symptoms thanks to the fast-paced, high-anxiety life. Even though work is a majorly reported stress trigger, the application of needles has helped many lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and enhance their moods.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that during and after undergoing acupuncture, your central nervous system is stimulated to produce endorphins and other mood-uplifting chemicals. After the process, you begin thinking more positively, and your body can discard the damaging effects of chronic stress, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance. Another University of York study showed that combining acupuncture and counseling reduced depression levels in participants.

  1. Easing Various Pain Types

Everyday activities are the major cause of pain. After completing many studies, researchers have found that acupuncture could help ease several chronic pain types such as hands and arms, joint, neck tension, and back pain. These activities would include sitting for long hours, poor posture, smartphone use, carrying heavy backpacks, and typing on keyboards.

If you spend many hours sitting in your office, typing, and operating your phones, you could benefit from acupuncture. Undergoing the drug-free procedure will relieve your pain, inflammation, and swelling. Acupuncture relieves pain by triggering neurotransmitters, the immune systems, and hormone levels.

  1. Reducing Eye Strain

Like neck tensions and back pains, spending significant hours working behind your PC screen could instigate eye strain. In addition to relieving eye strain that neck tension cause, acupuncture could also treat other conditions like:

  • Night blindness
  • Color blindness
  • Diplopia
  • Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Hypermetropia, also known as long-sightedness
  • Myopia also known as short-sightedness


  1. Relieving Headaches

For centuries, acupuncturists have treated severe headaches using acupuncture. In the current past, scientists embarked on researching the effectiveness of acupuncture in relieving headaches and migraines. The results showed that acupuncture does reduce not only headaches but also has long-lasting effects. In addition, the careful and precise placement of needles in particular acupuncture points of near-certain nerves relieves pain.

Patients have reported feeling relaxed and experiencing a euphoria-like feeling. Your body releases endorphins and heals the recurring migraines and headaches. The American Migraine Foundation suggests that at least six sessions could be beneficialwith to patients suffering from chronic migraines. A systematic review of 20 clinical trials revealed that acupuncture diminished headache frequency by 50% in migraine patients. If you are seeking a drug-free alternative to relieving your headache, an acupuncturist is a go-to practitioner.

  1. Minimizing Sick Days by Boosting Your Immunity

Another great benefit of undergoing acupuncture is improving your immunity. Modern lifestyle challenges the immune system more than ever in humankind’s history. Your immunity’s optimal functioning and effectiveness are obligatory, as it is your primary bodily defense line. By considering acupuncture, your immune system is boosted to engulf infections and speeds up your healing process.

The procedure is known to kill pathogens, alleviating flu, and relieving debilitating symptoms that put you down and away from work. Another benefit of acupuncture is to bring balance to your immunity system, whereby, when it is overactive, the immune function could lead to autoimmune diseases development.

  1. Increasing Energy and Boosting Mental Clarity

Benefit from acupuncture by having your energy levels boosted and mental clarity enhanced after undergoing the procedure. Whether in need of mental or physical energy, the application of acupuncture needles has tremendous benefits in alleviating brain fog and reducing exhaustion. Acupuncture works by balancing your body’s energetic field, enabling the optimal set-point to reach and function the body organs.

After the process, you feel at ease; hence, boosting quality sleep. An additional benefit could be improved sleeping patterns. Acupuncture is known to treat insomnia, a sleeping disorder common among persons who spend significant hours viewing computer screens. By stimulating specific neural pathways, acupuncture raises physical stamina and the ability to think productively and clearly.

  1. Relieving Digestive Conditions

Your general health and the gut are deeply interwoven. So if you have a leaky gut or are plagued by digestive health conditions, then acupuncture is your ideal treatment. Fortunately for you, acupuncture effectively regulates your digestive system, especially when having gastrointestinal complications.

  1. Enhancing Fertility

By boosting optimal testosterone (male hormones) and estrogen (female hormones) and supporting reproductive organs, acupuncture is an ideal treatment option for spouses experiencing childlessness due to infertility issues. In addition, acupuncture procedures enhance the healthy progression of pregnancy. The treatment could also optimize your child’s position in the womb for a natural and complications-free birth. Therefore, as a mother, your fertility and bodily reproductive health are preserved.

  1. Relieving Digestive System Problems

acupuncturists have helped many patients with digestive system problems.  Acupuncture enhances the healthy working of the gut and its organs. It also rebalances defective energetic fields in your digestive system. Acupuncture helps alleviate many chronic and acute gastrointestinal issues that other treatments cannot address properly.  These problems include inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s Disease, gallstones, and many more.

  1. Reducing Allergies

Allergies are common, especially during the winter season. Many patients susceptible to allergies have benefited from acupuncture procedures. The treatment technique works by strengthening your body before the onset of an allergy season. The application of acupuncture needles boosts your body’s self-healing ability and natural immunity; hence, reducing the frequency of allergen attacks. Another benefit of acupuncture is that the procedure is safe when combined with other antihistamines to alleviate allergy symptoms. Symptoms of allergic reactions acupuncture are known to treat scratchy throat, puffy eyes, and runny nose.

  1. Controlling Blood Pressure

Evidence exists of this ancient medical practice outdoing many modern-day drugs and computerized treatment. Acupuncture has proved to be efficient in helping your heart function and blood flow, all this without side effects and risks pharmaceutical drugs pose. Undergoing regular acupuncture sessions enhances the optimal functioning of the cardiovascular system. The treatment helps make your cardiac and heart muscles fit and lower your blood pressure.

  1. Improving Quality of Your Sleep

Undergoing acupuncture triggers your body to release more melatonin. When at sufficient levels, this hormone regulates your sleep-wake cycles. In the modern-day, melatonin is hardly released because of the sedentary lifestyle many people lead. Due to this, you are likely to lack sleep at night (insomnia), feeling exhausted every time, and waking up several times at night. If insomnia prolongs, you are likely to suffer from other health problems. To avoid further ailments, acupuncture will help improve your sleeping patterns and fall asleep naturally again.

  1. Healing Respiratory Disorders

Not many people could imagine acupuncture healing respiratory conditions, such as asthma, allergies, cold, and flu. However, acupuncture stimulates blood flow and offers many patients relief. By increasing blood flow in your lungs, your airways become dilated, strengthen the immunity, and help your lungs transport more oxygen in your bloodstream.

Many studies on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture showed that combining the ancient technique with regular medication fastens the healing process. However, the studies involved one group of COPD patients who used only pills combined with medication and acupuncture. Compared to those who received both medication and acupuncture, patients who solely used medication had a slower healing rate.

  1. Easing Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Common and uncomfortable side effects of cancer treatments like hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy, include stomach discomfort, neuropathy, fatigue, and nausea. Researchers have established that acupuncture needles application could serve as an effective relief for chemotherapy side effects.

What's more, scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center discovered that breast cancer patients who had acupuncture sessions had fewer hot flashes than patients who didn't. The scientists also found that applying acupuncture needles in leukemia patients undergoing chemotherapy reduced chemotherapy-induced nausea and other quality-of-like symptoms.

While you could benefit immensely as a cancer patient when you combine chemotherapy with acupuncture, you are at great risk of contracting infections because your immunity is low. Therefore, you must ensure that your practitioner follows strict sterile needle procedures.

  1. Fighting Depression

Acupuncture benefits are not exclusively physical. Like stress/ anxiety treatment, acupuncture is a recommendable treatment for anybody fighting depression. Regular needle applications are beneficial just as seeking a counselor’s help. Scientists say that acupuncture stimulates electric currents in your body after the insertion of acupuncture needles. So if the needles alone cannot trigger your neurotransmitters, the acupuncturist could use an electric current. The procedure is usually pain-free and proved to be as effective as Prozac, a depression-treatment drug.

  1. Acupuncture Helps to Increase Patience and Build Self-Awareness

All functions of your body are connected. If one function is faulty or hurts, it could result from another problem in your body. If you cannot identify the specific issue, acupuncture is for you. The technique helps you widen your awareness of these connections and their effect on your overall health.

Humankind nature is impatient. A major cause of impatience in the modern-day age is societal pressure and greed for instant gratification. Since the application of acupuncture doesn't show results overnight nor an instant solution, you must invest time and be willing to discard the “I want it right away” attitude. You will learn the patience virtue while undergoing acupuncture.

  1. Protecting your Memory and Cognitive Function

According to researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, acupuncture is a protective measure that curbs memory loss resulting from dementia. The treatment technique is also known to alleviate Parkinson’s disease symptoms. These researchers conducted a study on 30 Parkinson’s patients in 2002. Out of the 30 participants, 25 underwent acupuncture procedures. Results showed that 23 out of the 25 participants showed tremendous improvement in symptoms, including anxiety, depression, tremor, and pain. Also, none of the patients experienced adverse effects.

  1. Relieving Sports and Outdoor Injuries

During the summer season, the majority indulge in outdoor activities, from low to high activity games. If you are like other outdoor enthusiasts, you could partake in kayaking, hiking, biking, gardening, waterskiing, golfing, or even playing table tennis. Unfortunately, while this list entails enticing outdoor activities, the sprains, strains, pains, and aches are not fun.

Traditional Chinese medicine, like acupuncture, has been an effective sports medicine, especially in relieving injuries and pain. The treatment helps to relax your muscles, reduce pain, and diminish inflammation. For example, driving for long hours while on a road trip could exacerbate knee, hip, back, and neck problems. So benefit from acupuncture treatment and enjoy your summer holiday again.

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