Many women today are given hormone therapies to remedy ovulation issues (premature/delayed ovulation, anovulation, etc).  To these various drugs, some women are unresponsive while others are hyperstimulated, being prone to cysts, further complicating and delaying possible pregnancy.

While this process of flooding our delicate systems with hormones may occasionally result in pregnancy, many women are still left frustrated and disappointed.  It’s important to realize that simply “overriding” our intricate hormonal balances isn’t an all-encompassing solution to fertility or ovulation problems.  While our menstrual cycles go through about 28-32 days, it takes up to 150 days (yup, you read that right) for an egg to grow from a resting follicle into an ovum ready to be released.  The dominant follicle is chosen from a pool of resting ones and goes through phases, responding to specific triggers in the body to grow into a healthy ovum that is released usually 14 days before our menstrual cycle.

So what does this really mean?

It goes to confirm yet again that each system in the body cannot be isolated or compartmentalized.  Simply over-stimulating a developing follicle a few weeks before a woman’s ovulation date (or scheduled retrieval or IUI date) isn’t really getting to the root of the problem, when a cascade of events are happening months before said date.  And all the triggers contributing to this miraculous event (ovulation) are affected by a woman’s physical, mental, emotional health as whole.

Acupuncture and herbal treatment take into consideration all these different factors that make up the dynamic human body, harmonizing imbalances that can adversely affect a woman’s hormonal cycle and ovulation.