Idiopathic or “unexplained” Infertility refers to infertility due to unknown causes.  Many couples experience frustration as they have tried to conceive for over 1-2 years unsuccessfully; yet, when they undergo a series of tests they are unable to find anything wrong specifically — the uterus is structurally fine, fallopian tubes are unobstructed, and ovulation is not an issue.  This can be disheartening since a problem needs to be identified in order to come up with a viable resolution.

Have hope!  Although there are no visible issues in the anatomy, there can be issues that are unseen in terms of function and environment.  And this is exactly the area that acupuncture and Eastern medicine excels in balancing!

Just because the cause is unknown, it does not mean that there is no cause.  In such cases, usually the cause has to do with the environment within the body.  In Chinese, the uterus is called “Zi Gong,” which literally translates into “Palace for the Child.”  It is imperative that the mother is healthy so that a hospitable environment can be achieved for the fetus — successful conception and implantation and healthy gestation.

One of the major strengths of Eastern medicine is its ability to diagnose patterns and disharmony in the body that cannot be observed.  In identifying and addressing these issues, the entire body can be harmonized and brought into balance for a healthy mom and baby.