ENDOMETRIOSIS | Endometriosis is a condition where endometrial tissue develops not only in the lining but in other areas, most commonly seen in the ovaries.  This can cause pain, irregular menstruation, bleeding, and infertility.  These tissues can grow in size, adhering to surrounding areas such as the fallopian tubes, blocking the ovum (egg) to travel down the tube from the ovary.  The diagnosis may scare you at first but it’s important to realize that there are options available.  While it is important to surgically remove the displaced tissue in case of endometriosis, it is also if not more essential to address the root cause.  If this root problem is never addressed, symptoms of endometriosis will most likely occur again in the future.

Our acupuncture and herbal treatments identify the underlying imbalances that cause these symptoms; therefore, aiming to prevent future problems and facilitating fertility.