While our office is not contracted with any insurance policies, our billing office will gladly verify for any out-of-network coverage you may have for our services. Please call our office for details.

Policies that ARE accepted:

  • ILWU.
  • Select Aetna PPO policies.
  • Select BCBS PPO policies.
  • Select Cigna PPO policies.
  • Select United Healthcare PPO policies.

As a courtesy to our patients responsible for their own care,
we provide the following time of service fees:

Initial Acupuncture/Dry-Needling Appointment*
(consult/exam + treatment)


Returning Acupuncture/Dry-Needling Appointment*


*Treatment fees are inclusive of any modalities, such as cupping, that providers may find applicable within treatment plans.

1:1 Private Pilates Session (50 min)