I can tell you, without a doubt, that I would not be walking, if it weren't for Dr. Kim and Dr. Yong. I have been seeing Dr. Yong, as Dr. Kim had previously been on maternity leave. Very professional and friendly .. immaculate office and I am lulled to sleep at the end of the session. Dr. Yong knows how to pinpoint the issues and I leave the office re-energized. I had been bed bound for two months before using acupuncture. In my humble opinion, both doctors are miraculous. -L.C.

I found Dr. Kim on Yelp after being rear-ended on the freeway a few months ago. Before I began treatment, I was experiencing neck and upper back discomfort, TMJ, headaches, and numbness and tingling going down my arm into my baby finger.
Although physical therapy sessions at another facility were somewhat helpful, I received more relief from Dr. Kim's treatments and soon relied on acupuncture solely for the rest of my care.
If I could give Dr. Kim and her staff more than a 5-star review, I surely would. Dr. Kim is genuine and shows a great deal of compassion for her patients. She listens well and addresses all concerns and questions. Her treatments alleviated my symptoms and I am grateful for her care
. - C.L.

Dr. Stephanie Yong has been able to help me when all the other doctors were at a loss for answers. I've been sick for over a year and have gone to more doctors, been in and out of ER, and have had more medical tests done than I ever thought possible. I had lost 20 lbs. over the course of a year and until I met Dr. Yong, I couldn't figure a way to stop the weight loss. Through a test I had taken with the last endocrinologist (Glucose Insulin Stress Test), I found out one of the reasons my body was literally wasting away, a low insulin level. After failing to get help from the endocrinologist, I turned to acupuncture as my last resort.
I shared my background and all the information I had with Dr. Yong, who is a GREAT listener and communicator. And she got it! After the 1st session, my blood sugar numbers were in the normal range. After the 2nd session, I started to gain weight. I've just completed my 4th session and not only am I continuing to gain weight but a lot of other symptoms, such as cramping and tingling in the legs, are subsiding. It's been such a difficult journey. I can't believe it's acupuncture that's helping where Western medicine has failed.
Dr. Yong is extremely gifted in her craft and has such a great bedside manner. If you're reading this and are looking for answers to your health issues, don't hesitate to try this.

First and foremost I want to say Sou Yeong is great at what she does. She is a very caring and attentive person. When I first went to see Sou Yeong I was suffering from anxiety and had been for 2 years. I was in and out of emergency rooms, doctors offices and was prescribed all kinds of medication- anti-depressants, anxiety medications you name it I was on it and I just kept getting worse and worse. I was unable to sleep and lived in constant fear due to the anxiety. Acupuncture was my last resort. I wasn’t sure what to expect besides the fact that I was going to have needles in me but at that point I desperately needed help and I was at my wits end, so a few needles in me seemed OK after all I had been through. After a few treatments I noticed a tremendous change I was able to sleep and most of all the anxiety had FINALLY subsided. I’m not completely cured just yet (I am comfortable saying I am about 90% there) but I know I’m well on my way. Sou Yeong is also treating my mom for her menopausal symptoms and helping my son with his ADHD and I see much improvement with them both. I truly believe Sou Yeong was Godsent to my family. I have faith in her healing abilities and I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering with any ailments. -Monica, 35

Let me start by saying that I’m a SUPER hard grader.   I work at a law firm and am responsible for hiring lawyers so I have to be super picky.   So, when it comes to hiring someone to take care of me, I’m even tougher.  I’m really busy and stressed out and don’t have time or money to waste on someone or something that isn’t the best.   Dr. Kim is the BEST!

I started looking for an Acupuncturist a few months ago when I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (temporary paralysis of half your face brought on by stress).  The doctors at Cedars gave me 1 week of steroids and told me to wait it out.  That’s really not helpful when you can’t go out in public.  I read online that Acupuncture might help.  I already believed in Acupuncture because I had it during my chemo treatments for Ovarian Cancer.  Unfortunately, Dr. Ross who was wonderful much passed away a few years ago so I couldn’t go to him.  Dr. Ross was able to help eliminate almost all of the side effects associated with my Chemo therapy.

I found Dr. Kim by googling her.  She immediately answered her phone and took the time to listen to me. She got me in for an appointment that same day. I left messages at a  few other places  but they never called back. They were probably too busy doing facials or mani/pedis since a lot of the acupuncture places in Southbay seem to do more than Acupuncture which in my opinion is not a good sign.

I immediately felt comfortable when I met Dr. Kim.  She’s patient, kind and understanding.  Did I mention she’s also really GREAT at what she does?  I immediately started seeing results.  I was able to start blinking my eye and my smile looked less crooked after a few sessions.   Based on what  I read online, I expected to be paralyzed from 3 – 9 months.   Dr. Kim got me back to looking normal in 5 weeks.

The Bell’s Palsy is almost gone but I still go to Dr. Kim once a week for stress and digestion.  I’m less stressed, less bloated and feel better.

Go see Dr. Kim but don’t take my 5 pm appointment on Thursdays!

All the best. -Selene

Stephanie is patient, caring, sensitive, and holds space for nurtured healing and self awareness. She works WITH you, and is very accommodating, and gentle. I have worked with many healers, and it is definitely not every day that you are fortunate enough to receive treatments from someone who is willing to have a respectful dialogue about your individual healing process rather than force/ coerce/persuade/ convince you of the "right way". I am so thankful for each treatment I received, for finally feeling that I could express myself to a practitioner and actually be HEARD, for feeling empowered and encouraged to be in charge of my my healing, and to gain sensitivity towards my body.  -Salma D.

I had no idea that acupuncture could treat so many things!  I always went to see Dr. Kim for my shoulder and neck pain.  While we were in session once, I mentioned in passing that I get frequent UTI’s.  Before then, I never bothered to mention anything else other than my pain even if she asked because I thought acupuncture specialized only for pain.  But when she heard that I got frequent UTI’s, she explained why my body is so likely to get those infections and treated me for the UTI.  After the first time, I already saw a difference!  There was not as much pain and I could go to the bathroom a lot easier.  She prescribed some herbs for me and within 1-2 weeks, I was all better even though I didn’t get better with the antibiotics that my doctor gave me before.  Since then, I always make sure I tell Dr. Kim ALLLL of my problems.  She’s worked on me for my insomnia and anxiety as well!  Now I know acupuncture isn’t just for pain but for so many things.  She even helped me with my pms symptoms.  I used to get to get such bad cramps but now my periods are more regular and the pain is less too!  I love talking to her and learning more about my health too! -R.F., 24

There is pure love in [Dr. Yong]'s Head, Heart & Hands. She actually cares. You can sense it in the non generic questions.  She exudes comfort and healing. 
I've literally seen over 100 doctors. ONE HUNDRED. I visited Stephanie at her practice and immediately felt a sense of peace, patience and love but her and the entire staff!  I wasn't #37. My name didn't pop up on a board. I didn't wait for an hour. Nor did I get rushed through my visit.  My voice. My pain. My life. Was heard. Individually!  And if you have ever been through the system, like I have, you know how amazing; having your voice heard,can be! 
-Chris P.

One of my sister-in-laws, introduced me to Christy this past October.
I have been suffering from chronic allergies for almost a year.
I first made an appt. to see Christy and get to know who she is and shared a little about my condition.  I lost my sense of smell, taste and I couldn’t breathe from my nose.  I soon started to see here twice a week.
Being the special kind of person that I am, I was afraid to have the needles in me. Everyday, I would say I was her “pain patient,” but every week I would see Christy, she was patient, she cares about and listens to you and only wants you to get better. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for quite a few weeks. But, in her caring loving way she would say, your going to be fine. Finally, on Christmas night after 6 p.m. I smelled some aroma. As of today, I got back my sense of taste, smell and I am able to breathe from my nose once again. 

I saw Sou Yeong for the first time and got immediate relief of my IBS symptoms.  I’ve been pretty healthy all my life but starting last year my body just fell apart.  I’m a mother with three kids so I can’t afford to be sick.  My constipation was so bad that I had not gone to the bathroom for at least two week!  Even during the treatment I could feel things digesting and moving around in my tummy.  That very same day I was able to go to the bathroom successfully.  Boy, did I feel better after that!  I felt like all the toxins stuck in my body had been released.  I see Sou Yeong on a regular basis now and since that first treatment, my BMs are completely regular and I feel lighter and healthier.  She’s been helping with my gynecological problems and energy too.  Thanks so much for all your help! -L.A.

First I want to start off by saying I'm not much for posting reviews unless I really think it's worth sharing. Stephanie has been treating me for years ranging from sport injuries to illnesses.  With all the activities I'm involved in, I admit that I can be clumsy sometimes, but it's always re-assuring to know she's just a phone call away and my insurance covers it.
One of her greatest traits that sets her apart from other acupuncturist I've been to is she has great bed side manner, she educates you in understanding what's causing your issues, what you need to do to prevent it in the future and keeps you informed throughout the entire process so you're not wondering, what's next.  Being that she has knowledge of Western medicine, it's great to deal with someone that see's it from both sides, and address the pro's and con's to both worlds and provide a holistic approach to treatment.
In addition she's able to relate to a lot of the issues that I experience being that she stays active herself and understands the mechanics of the human body.
She asks the right questions to understand and pinpoint your specific issues before diving into treatment.  Everything she does is personalized to ensure you get the right treatment.
What really tipped me over to the Chinese Medicine side was when I had a relatively bad fever that just wouldn't go away, I was out for a few days.  I went to see Stephanie and she gave me an herbal formula, (which didn't taste very good, but then again what medicine does) but it worked!  Within a couple days, I finally started to see a turn towards recovery and best of all I didn't have to pop any pills that my doctor would've probably given me and called it a day.  The plus, she followed up to make sure I was feeling better.
 -Michael H.

I aggravated my knee 3 years ago by being overconfident and overzealous while preparing for a 10k run and my knee hasn’t been the same since. I didn’t want to go into surgery for something that wasn’t too serious but at the same time I needed to fix the problem before things got worse and that’s when I went to Christy (should I be calling her Dr. Christy?). I explained what my deal was and she went to work, needling me after explaining exactly what she was going to do. The needling process was surprisingly painless and I even started to doze off while my leg looked like a pin cushion. Once the procedure was done my knee felt brand new and I am even able to do training runs on my bike in preparation for a century ride with no problems! I also returned to her to combat a niggling cough I had after experiencing extreme frustrations with my HMO doctor who kept prescribing me antibiotic after antibiotic which would keep the cough away for a few months before returning again stronger than ever. Before I went ballistic on that frittata, I got in touch with Christy and she gave me some cheap herbal medicine which alleviated the problem almost immediately. Who knew acupuncturists had that knowledge too? I was expecting to go in to get some lung piercings. If I need major surgery where I need to get my spinal cord replaced I will attempt to contact my HMO doctors but for everything else I am definitely coming back to Christy. -Benjamin K.

Although I’m a firm believer in eastern medicine, I don’t look forward to getting acupuncture because I don’t enjoy needles.  A couple months ago my wrist was bothering me a lot – it hurt when I moved or even bent it forward at a 20-degree angle.  I had suffered from bouts of wrist pain before but this time it hurt a lot more and the pain did not go away.  I could also see a visible lump forming on the top of my wrist.  I didn’t have the insurance to go to a hospital; I knew it would cost a lot of money to get x-rays, see a doctor, etc.  I came to Sou Yeong’s office hoping but not entirely believing she could cure the pain.  After only one treatment of acupuncture or moxibustion (spelling?), my wrist was better.  It sounds unbelievable.  Even I couldn’t believe it but two days afterward I had literally NO pain, no sign of the lump.  It was amazing.  I would definitely go back. -Christina P., 23

I hate needles but I can definitely vouch for Christy’s acupuncture treatments! Besides her awesome treatments, she is the sweetest doctor I’ve ever met! She’s always willing to listen to EVERYTHING I have to say and I talk A LOT!  She genuinely cares for me (and all her patients) and I feel totally comfortable with her during our consults and treatments.  She takes time to listen and to really explain what’s going on with me and how the treatments work.  She has such a warm presence.  And since I’ve been seeing her, all of my issues have gotten so much better and I’m hopeful that I’ll get well soon! -Stacey, 29

All my life I had terrible migraines… I went to doctors, took prescription pills etc. but no one ever cured me.  I was getting sick of taking pills all the time and still sometimes having headaches.  it was so bad I couldn’t focus at work, couldn’t function in daily life.  i went to see Dr. Kim after researching for someone online.  i had never had acupuncture before and I wondered if it would work on me.  After one session i didn’t have any migraines for a whole week, and only once the week after.  now they are completely gone.  Dr. Kim is also helping me with my stomach problems.  I have intense pain sometimes, so much that I double over and can’t move.  since being treated, my stomach feels a lot better… it doesn’t feel as tight or full as it used to.  i am still going to her once a week and i’m sure i will get better soon. -C.S., 36

After seeing good results for myself with Dr. Kim, I took my 6-year old daughter to see her for asthma.  I didn’t want to put her on inhalers or medicine for the rest of her life but after a severe bout of coughing and fever and many trips to the ER I finally thought it was time to look for other alternatives.  To my pleasant surprise, my daughter did very well with the acupuncture needles.  She was a little timid at first but now she loves going to acupuncture and to see Dr. Kim.  Since her first treatment, I could tell that her coughing and even sinus congestion were reduced.  After a month of regular visits, her asthma became a lot stable and now she only goes in to get acupuncture for occasional maintenance or with allergies once the weather gets cold.  I’m so happy that my little girl could run around at school without worrying about triggering her asthma.  And she could have a normal life without the medicine too. -M.V.

I saw Dr. Km at my massage therapist’s urging.  I was hesitant because I had a bad experience with acupuncture before but this time around it was much better and much more relaxing.  I was feeling under the weather and could feel a cold coming.  I had chills and my nose was running and I had a sore throat.  I was very surprised that after the treatment I felt the symptoms get reduced.  I went in a second time that week and afterwards all my symptoms were totally gone and I was able to fight off the bad cold that was going around.  Ever since then I see Dr. Kim for any of my health concerns.  I have noticed a definite improvement in my energy even when I work long hours and the pains I have in my body are very improved.  I had many bone and muscle injuries in the past but the pain is a lot better with the acupuncture treatments than when I had just massages only.  Thank you Dr. Kim, you made me a true believer in this medicine.  -JY

This is my new happy place. I started coming here only two weeks (once a week) and I feel so much better overall. I have had an autoimmune disease for the last ten years which makes me feel extremely tired and I have muscle/joint pain all over my body. At the moment I am being a rebellious 25 year old and I do not want to take plaquenil for my condition. So I am seeking help from eastern medicine

I always leave feeling great (mind,body and spirit) and that great feeling last! I felt less bloated after the first session! I feel like everybody could use acupuncture in their life! Christy is an amazing healer and incredibly caring. I will continue coming here once every week forever if I can!  My mom and sister are going to start going, I highly recommend Christy to all!! -Marie R.

I saw Sou Yeong at the recommendation of my OB/GYN while undergoing infertility treatments. I had heard that acupuncture was effective for infertility but never really considered it until my doctor urged me to.  My husband and I had already made the decision to go through with in vitro but I went to see her anyway because my doctor said that acupuncture will increase the chance of success. I saw Sou Yeong and she was just wonderful.  I was a little nervous in the beginning but she put my body and mind at ease and answered all my questions, giving me any and all information I would need.  Her treatments and follow-up were excellent and we worked on regulating my cycle and my back pain. After the first two treatments, there as drastic change.  No more back pain! And when my periods came, they were more regular and less painful.  After about a month into the treatment, I started getting hormone injections for the in vitro process.  During the whole time of doctor visits, test, and more tests, I continued with the acupuncture for ivf to help the process.  Few weeks later, I am pregnant!  I’ve heard of many couples being unsuccessful with their in vitro but we were successful on our very first try! And we’re very happy and excited. Thank you, Dr. Sou Yeong! -M.R., 34

If someone had told me to try acupuncture even 2-3 years ago, I wouldn’t have given a second thought.  But I resorted to acupuncture after I had exhausted all my other options for my unbearable foot pain.  I’ve been having pain in the soles of my feet for many years and they got to excruciating pain after a couple of days of hard work standing around all da.  After one visit, I was sold! I admit, I had my doubts but I was desperate and a buddy of mine recommended acupuncture.  I felt a noticeable difference in my pain after the first visit.  I decided to go back for a second visit at Sou Yeong’s recommendation and I haven’t had to go back since.  And the pain isn’t back either! -C.B., 59

I’ve been to one other acupuncturist in the area, but I’ve just settled down and use Christy as my regular acupuncturist.  I used to see her every week, and she would prescribe me herbs (pill form, not powder! yay!) that I would take 3 times a day with warm/hot water.  i’m actually very non-compliant with powder forms and pay lots, while Christy’s herbs only cost about $15-20 bucks a bottle.

You would never call my conversations modest, so here I go continuing my pattern.  I’ve had years worth of UTI’s starting when I turned 26 (now almost 30).  I’m a nursing student, so I know all the no-no stuff about wiping properly and certain sex positions, thongs, not going to the bathroom, etc.  Partly my infections stemmed from having sex, but what prophylactically made it worse was the fact that I ate sweet stuff all the time and was constantly dehydrated and hardly ever peed.  I’m just not a thirsty person, I tell you!  It was bothersome and kept me running to my regular physician for antibiotics.

Well, boo on that.  Antibiotics wipes out all of the natural flora in my body that helps get rid of uti’s at the same time as the bad bacteria.  I knew I couldn’t keep on doing this to my body and seeking alternative remedies was the best way to go.

Also I had a problem with my menstrual cycle that I didn’t know about.  Apparently, my period was way too long and the cycle was also way too long.

I’ve had ear infections, sinus pressure, severe allergies (my family has a hyperreactive immune response like hives over exercising or stress), eczema, GI bowel distress, and STRESS!  Lots and lots of stress.  I also study A LOT and occasionally have shoulder pain from hunching over my computer or books trying to study.

It’s been since June/July that I first started going to Christy and here are my results:

1) No more UTIs  (my ultimate relief)
2) Shortened periods (down to only 4 days from 7) + regular 28 days from 34
3) No more persistent ear infections
4) Allergies are down to a minimum
5) Minimal eczema flare ups
6) No knots in shoulders
7) Waaayyy less stress than before.

She’s really the best!  Super nice, easy to talk to, clean/relaxing rooms, and I always fall asleep during my appointments.    Ahhh… -Allison

Dr.Kim seriously knows what she’s doing and results have been amazing! But the reason why I keep going back to her is because she really cares about her patients and makes me feel so at ease even with my fear of needles. I was a skeptic when I first visited. But while waiting in the reception area, one lady shared about how she had cured her sister from her crushing back pain for years that no one was able to heal. Because of that, that lady had to at least come check it out for her own issues. So I walked in with a bit more confidence and peace.

I went in for some stomach issues, but with just reading my pulse and observing my tongue color she was able to tell that I was on my menstrual cycle! She also was able to pinpoint some of my health issues that I had experienced for a while. She was very thorough and shared a lot of her knowledge with me.

Now, I am deathly afraid of needles and I shared my fear with her. She acknowledged and we began talking about some other things. Before I knew it, she somehow placed the needles and I didn’t even feel it! That was amazing. Although it stung a bit when the needles were out, I was really impressed. I highly recommend her! She accepts insurance too! -Sunny P.

I love Christy! My forearm had some muscle damage that was caused by a side effect from some strong meds my doctor had given me.  Anyway, it was going on for about 9 months and the doctors had no idea how to get it back to functioning normally.  It would literally lock up, I couldn’t lift anything or even write sometimes.  On a whim, I looked up acupuncture on yelp and read the reviews so figured what the heck.  I was totally skeptical.  But after the 2nd visit I noticed change.  And after the 6th visit, totally back to normal.  YAY!!!!  And it was covered by my insurance.  WIN WIN!  Plus, Christy just has a pleasant personality and always runs on time, which is  HUGE to me. -Liz

I have had back problems for the past three years. I finally got it diagnosed by a PT MD last year, and he told me that I had two herniated discs in my lower back. Basically, my nerves in my spine were getting pinched, and were giving me unbearable pain that would shoot throughout my lower back. It hurt to bend over to pick something up. It would hurt to sneeze. I had to sacrifice running, and all other low impact activities (aerobics, hiking, etc) indefinitely.

After numerous visits to various acupuncturists, physical therapists, and even two epidural cortisone shots, my back remained the same. I was pretty depressed, because I led a pretty active lifestyle prior to my back injury.

I heard about Christy through my sister, and thought I’d give her a try, because she was local. I’m so glad I took my sister’s advice, because Christy has taken away a majority of my back pain, and I am now able to actually RUN.

Christy not only takes her time with her patients, but genuinely cares for each individual that walks through her office. She doesn’t half-ass anything. She diagnoses the problem immediately and does a great job explaining the problem and how she intends to treat the ailment.

I have been seeing Christy for about 3 months now, and this is the best I’ve felt in 3 years. If you have any health issues, go see Christy. She’s GREAT. -Esther

I have never gotten…or trusted acupuncture until i started getting treatments from Christy.  She made a believer out of me.  Even though I’m Asian…I definitely trusted in the safety of western medicine and its empire of pills.
However, I gave acupuncture and herbal stuff a try.
First…to begin with…I do not go to the doctor’s…it’s a Korean second generational thing.  So if I’m asking for help…it’s because I’m in pain or extremely uncomfortable.
I had two instances in the last year where I was in such a situation…and both times I went to Christy for healing.  YES…HEALING.
If I had gone to a western doctor, they would have given me antibiotics or whatever other pills and it would have taken 7 days to heal..at least.
For instance, I had a chronic cough for well over a month…I was told to go to the doctors because it was most likely an infection in my lungs, or something completely crazy like that.  I got treatment from Christy, and I kid you not, the cough was 90% gone the day after.
I have gotten cupping, acupuncture and herbal stuff….don’t know what happens when it’s done completely separate from each other…but what I do know is that the three combination is MAGIC.
-B. Kim

I just want to thank Dr. Kim for helping me have a quality life.  Over 19 years ago I was in an accident and I was knocked unconscious and transported to a hospital.  Later I was assigned a neurologist for treatment and I begin to take medication for being dizzy.  Since that time I have taken different types of medications, but I would only have temporary relief.  My greatest fear was driving because I did not know when I would become dizzy.  On my second visit to Dr. Kim I had a good report, because after my first treatment I have not experienced being dizzy. I will always be thankful for her help and I will continue with acupuncture, because you can be treated for so many other medical problems. -T. Miya, Ph.D.

I honestly can’t believe how Dr. Kim did it, but after two treatments, I started my period again!!!! My periods were always irregular from long ago when I was younger but these days I didn’t have them for at least half a year.  I didn’t have too much other menopause symptoms and I’m too young for that so I was pretty worried and stressed about it.  But now I feel so much better in every way.. more energy, less pain, more relaxed.  Thank you so much! -Jennifer L., 43

Sou Yeong helped me a lot with my anxiety and insomnia.  I’ve been prone to anxiety for a long time but the meds I’m on since my hysterectomy make it difficult for me to fall asleep.  But since I started acupuncture treatments with Sou Yeong, my anxiety has gotten under control and I also have a lot more energy.  The insomnia has been more difficult to treat, but my sleep quality is still improved and I’m able to fall asleep earlier than before.  I’ll definitely continue my treatments with her to get more results.  Sou Yeong takes such good care of me, she is so warm I always feel at ease with her.  -Lynette, 57

My neck and shoulder pain was so bad that it would make me throw up.  I also got constant headaches and it even affected my vision.  After my first visit, I could tell that my muscles loosened up a lot.  I also felt very relaxed and the treatment made me less stressed.  Working at my desk job made my neck pain so bad that I would get tingling in my arms and fingers.  After 3 treatments, I no longer have the tingling sensation and my vision is back to normal.  The headaches are also reduced.  Christy recommended that I see her a few more times to manage the pain and maintain my health.  I trust that I’ll feel even better after a few more treatments.  Definitely would recommend her for any kind of pain!   -K.M., 28

I’ve had hypertension for many years and been on diovan for it during the whole time.  With Sou Yeong’s acupuncture treatments, my blood pressure has been more stable and significantly lowered than before.  As a result, I do not have the headaches in the back of my head/neck that I used to have every morning or if I got tired.  I feel more energetic and sleep better during the night.  My job also forces me to use my arms and legs a lot and it’s been causing a lot of knee and low back pain.  After each treatment, I can feel that my joints feel more supple and my low back also feels loose and stronger with less pain.  She’s definitely my go-to person for any kind of condition I have now.  She’s even treated my colds and toothaches!  Amazing!   -Glen, 56

At my wife’s urging, I finally went to see Christy for acupuncture for my stress and pain.  My wife had been raving about her for months and I finally caved.  Good thing I did because I feel much better these days.  I feel like I’m younger!  I have more energy for so many things as opposed to before and my pain has drastically diminished. -M.M., 32

My back pain because of my disc bulge was getting in the way of my active lifestyle for a long time.  There was not much else I could do besides back surgery which I desperately hoped to avoid.  I tried physical therapy and it helped for a bit but my progress sort of stopped after a few months.  And then things turned for the worse when I started getting shooting pains into my hip, legs and knees.  I’m very happy to say that after seeing Dr. Kim, I have pretty much zero knee pain and my back and hip pain subsided drastically.  I still go for regular treatments but I’m hoping for more progress and I’m definitely not a skeptic of acupuncture anymore. -Will, 40

Working in a highly stressful and routine atmosphere, I started noticing pain to my shoulder and lower neck area. I started off by taking pain medications but that didn’t last very long. The chronic pinching and tension started affecting my work/life. I sought professional help by testing out different chiropractic and acupunctural services. After seeking these professionals for the last year, I noticed that the pain was not completely eliminated. Tired of paying the fees and getting only minimal results, I started seeking other professionals that could help eliminate the pain entirely. I started visiting Christy regularly for about three weeks. I’ve had acupuncture and cupping done to my discomfort area. Eight weeks later, I am still pain free! -K.U.

I strongly recommend her to anyone.  I have seen other acupuncturists for a lot of my problems but there is no comparison.  Other treatments, the needles just hurt and didn’t help but Dr. Kim is very skilled and they do not hurt at all!  More importantly, I saw results the first day!  I was able to sleep better and my hot flashes stopped.  They came back a few days later but I am sure that with time I will get better and better.  Overall, I feel great.  -G.N.

I was deathly afraid of needles and was very hesitant about trying acupuncture.  But when my back pain didn’t stop for months even while getting chiropractic, PTtreatments and even painkillers, I knew I had to see someone.  The very first day I saw Christy, I noticed a huge relief of pain.  I was able to exercise normally and did not feel any pain at all.  Christy takes care to go over everything she does with me to put my mind at ease and I feel comfortable and safe getting treatments and I got over my fear of needles right at the first visit.  I could feel myself getting healthier already even besides the pain.  I feel more energetic overall throughout the day and we are working on my weight loss now.  -M.P.

I have a long history of anxiety and depression and have been seeing various doctors for the health of my body and my mind.  Over the past three months, I had regular visits with Sou Yeong. Since then I am able to sleep a lot better even without my sleeping aids and I can feel my mind instantly relax instead of running all over the place when I’m in treatment.  I also had to make some major changes in my life and had a great fear and anxiety about it for a long time.  But I was able to cope with all these changes recently.  I can only think of acupuncture as the thing that helped me successfully transition.  I am a true believer of acupuncture and am so glad that I met Sou Yeong.  -Y.P., 56

A friend recommended me to see Dr. Kim after I told him about my sleeping problems.  After the very first treatment, I noticed a difference in my quality of sleep.  Even though I was still waking up throughout the night, I fell back asleep easier and the sleep itself was deeper.  With repeated treatments, I didn’t wake up as often and I could tell I was a lot more rested at night since I had more energy in the day.  Now, I sleep much better without waking my wife up at night! Dr. Kim also worked on a lot of pain issues and with the treatments, the pain’s been quiet.  She’s also helping me with my weight loss and it’s incredible how much more energy I have and how I don’t feel as hungry throughout the day.  My appetite is under control and I can control my portions a lot better too without feeling hungry.  -H.F.

I started seeing Christy because of a friend’s recommendation.  I was always complaining about my allergies and she urged me to see Christy, I guess she got sick of my complaining.  After the first treatment I could already tell that my sinuses weren’t congested and I could actually breathe.  I followed Christy’s treatment plan and saw a few more times and I felt better overall.  My allergies didn’t come back even with the cold weather and rain.  And I had more energy and my digestion improved too.  I’ve had maybe two flare ups since I started seeing Christy 3 months ago and that’s MUCH better than having to take benadril or flonase every day.  Now I just go for maintenance to keep myself healthy and I feel great.  -F.A.

I am a loyal patient for almost 1 year now and I don’t know where to start.  I started seeing Christy because of my back pain but she’s helped me with so much more throughout the months.  After started acupuncture, I have more energy, less frequent allergy flare ups, improvement of my IBS which I’ve had for a very long time, better sleep, relaxation for when I’m stressed with work, decreased pain in my back, legs, shoulders, neck, and NO MORE MIGRAINES!  I highly recommend her!  -J.J., 56