acupuncture & pms


There is a wide ranging list of symptoms relating to Premenstrual Syndrome:
-irritability and/or anxiety
-headaches and/or migraines
-constipation or diarrhea/loose stool
-insomnia or hypersomnia
-back pain
-breast tenderness and/or pain

The intensity of these symptoms is different for each individual and some women even experience severe PMS or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) where the symptoms are so intense that they are debilitating, getting in the way of normal daily life.

In acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, these PMDD or PMS symptoms are not treated in isolation.  On the contrary, these symptoms are seen as a manifestation of a woman’s general health.  By improving your general condition and addressing the intrinsic issues that are contributing to the PMS symptoms, you’ll not only see an improvement in the PMS symptoms but also notice more regulated cycles and general vigor and vitality.

I honestly can’t believe how Dr. Kim did it, but after two treatments, I started my period again!!!! My periods were always irregular from long ago when I was younger but these days I didn’t have them for at least half a year.  I didn’t have too much other menopause symptoms and I’m too young for that so I was pretty worried and stressed about it.  But now I feel so much better in every way.. more energy, less pain, more relaxed.  Thank you so much!
-Jennifer L., 43